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RAC 235D Dual Camera Full HD GPS Safety Camera Data 8GB SD w/Wi-Fi

RAC 235D Dual Camera Full HD GPS Safety Camera Data 8GB SD w/Wi-Fi


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Sleek and compact in design, this RAC 235D dual camera dash-cam features built-in Wi-Fi and GPS using Google Maps and is designed to capture the front and back view from your vehicle in clear HD quality, recording and storing your vehicle's speed and location with alerts for approaching vehicles and safety cameras. Suitable for any vehicle

Dual Camera dash-cam- designed to capture Full HD 1080p footage from both the front and rear of the vehicle, ensuring that all the details of your journey are recorded in high quality and available during playback.

Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi- uses ProofCam Mapping Software, records and stores your vehicles speed and location, making it available for viewing when played back through a PC, with extended features such as safety camera warnings and connection to your smart phone.

Safety alerts- the lifetime safety cameras and speed alerts notify you of when a vehicle approaches at speed, your distance to speed cameras, the current speed limit and your current vehicle speed.Discreet recording- the video display screen incorporated in the unit turns off after a short time so that the drivers' view is not interrupted –the camera continues recording everything on the road ahead, in the background.

Microphone and speaker- sounds and conversations can be recorded, if required. If not, a simple one touch button will mute the microphone. Emergency button- when pressed, the current sector of your recording becomes protected, & will not be lost when the camera continues