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RAC 210 Full HD in Car Camera with GPS, Safety Camera Alert Wi-Fi 8GB SD & Case

RAC 210 Full HD in Car Camera with GPS, Safety Camera Alert Wi-Fi 8GB SD & Case


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With a sleek and compact design, the RAC 210 is a forward-facing dash cam that records in full HD quality and can be placed directly onto your windscreen, to help clearly record your journeys and give you visual proof of any incidents that may occur - plus it features Safety Camera Alert notifications, WiFi, and GPS. Ensure peace of mind on all your road trips with video footage of other people's driving as well as your own, for reassurance and security.

The latest in-car camera technology - aiming to keep you safe on the road, dash cams are designed to allow you to record a multitude of factors that will be considered by some insurance companies as part of the claims process should an accident occur. The WiFi allows you to send images and video directly to your phone while the GPS data helps to pinpoint the location and date of your footage, making it super-easy to submit recordings with the correct information.

Check yourself - Safety Camera Alert notifies you when you are approaching a fixed speed camera, advising you of the distance until you reach it, the current speed limit and the current speed you are doing, keeping you aware of your pace.

Discreet recording - the video display screen incorporated in the unit turns off after a short time so that the driver's view is not interrupted, while in the background the camera is recording everything on the road ahead. Plus, when the SD card is full, the RAC 210 operates on a loop recording system and will overwrite the oldest recording and continue, without the need to erase or download any data.

Microphone and speaker - if required, sounds and conversations can be recorded. If not, a simple one touch button will mute the microphone. Suitable for use day or night Suitable for any vehicle Photo mode allows you to take still photos with the camera A video segment can be safely stored to ensure it is not recorded over by simply pressing the emergency button