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The Mio MiVue 731 car video camera

The Mio MiVue 731 car video camera


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Safety at the foreground: The MiVue 731 comes with the pre-installed driver istance system (ADAS). This will provide you with safety on the go with the lane retention istant (LDWS), collision warning system (FCWS) and fatigue alarm (FA).

High quality full HD recording: with 30 fps in 1080p full HD, the MiVue 731 captures every detail on the go, including tail lights and license plates, in clear images and images. The clear footage gives you back coverage in the event of a dispute about insurance claims.

Convenience with built-in GPS: The GPS module is built inside the dash cam so that no external devices are connected. Your location and speed will be logged with every recording.

In an emergency, the built-in G sensor stores all the data.

With parking mode, you can continuously record videos. You only need a separate SmartBox accessory for continuous power supply.