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Blackvue BV-DR900S-2CH-64 Dash Cam, 64Gb

Blackvue BV-DR900S-2CH-64 Dash Cam, 64Gb


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4K UHD is four times as many pixels as full HD*. this is a huge difference, and it shows. License plates can be made out more clearly and from further away.

Besides, you don't need a 4K monitor to appreciate 4K videos. Even on a Full HD monitor, you can zoom in much further without any visible pixelation.

Hd = 1280×720 pixels (0. 92 million pixels); full HD = 1920×1080 (2. 07 million pixels) = 2. 25 x HD Pixel count 4K UHD = 3840×2160 (8. 29 million pixels) = 4 x Full HD or 9 x HD Pixel count

Along with the regular H. 264 codec, the DR900S Series features H. 265, also called High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), the leading standard in 4K recording and broadcasting With H. 265, 4K UHD video file size is similar to that of Full HD H. 264. In other words, you get 4 times bigger and better images without sacrificing recording time.

Built-in GPS and dual-band Wi-Fi GPS adds location and speed data to your videos speed: speed data will be overlaid in the video (can be turned off in the settings). you can set speed display in kilometers per hour (km/h) or miles per hour (mph). location: visualize your vehicle's location in the BlackVue app or viewer's map. Fast transfer to your phone with 5GHz Wi-Fi The dual-band 2. 4-5Ghz Wi-Fi lets you download dashcam videos to a smartphone at blazing speed and allows over the Cloud funct.