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Dashboard cameras can help prevent fraud

As well as helping to settle disputed insurance claims, dash cams can also help put a stop to insurance fraud.

Fraud is a huge problem for insurance companies, and law-abiding motorists end up having to pay for it through increased premiums.

A common form of motor fraud is drivers purposefully causing accidents so they can blame the other driver and get their insurance company to not only pay for the damage to the vehicle but also exaggerated injury (especially whiplash) and loss of earnings claims.

Some common forms of fraudulent crashes include cars slamming on the brakes for no reason, resulting in the innocent driver behind them hitting them in the rear – and a driver ‘pretending’ to let another pull out of a side road in front of them by waving them on, only to carry on driving straight into the side of the innocent driver.

Recently, a new kind of claim fraud has surfaced known as ‘hide and cash’. Not far dissimilar from the well known ‘crash for cash’ approach, this is where drivers hide in the blind spot of innocent drivers to then overtake and slam on their brakes.

These examples are particularly difficult for the innocent driver to dispute, as the nature of the accidents typically points to them being at fault – despite the fact the accident has been completely engineered by the other driver.

With a dash camera though, you can prove the accident was a direct result of the actions of the other vehicle – who was behaving fraudulently in order to cause a collision.

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