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Benefits of buying and using a dash cam for drivers

A dash cam provides indisputable evidence following a car accident

This is probably the most popular reason why a growing number of car drivers are deciding to buy a dashboard camera. They have been used for years in Russia, and are regularly cited in disputed insurance claims to help establish liability.

Most dash cams currently on the market are equipped with motion sensors, so they begin filming automatically as soon as you start driving and provide real-time evidence of exactly what happens on the road while you drive. So if you are involved in an accident you can easily prove exactly what happened and who’s fault the collision was.

This is especially useful in disputed liability claims as, unless there is an independent witness to provide evidence, these often result in a split-liability decision as they are just ‘one word against another’. This is obviously a very frustrating and costly experience for the driver who wasn’t at fault, but insurance companies have no other choice if there is no independent evidence.

That’s where dashboard cameras come in! You can send your crystal clear recording in as evidence which proves you were not at fault for the collision, which means the other driver will have to accept the blame and their insurance company will have to pay for your repairs and any other losses you incurred.

A dash cam is therefore the strongest and most efficient proof you have for defending yourself if you are involved in a disputed car accident claim. As they are relatively affordable – some cost less than £20 – they are well worth having just in case.

A dashboard camera can help identify bad and dangerous drivers

Every driver has experienced at least one bad driver in their time – whether they were erratic, aggressive or just plain dangerous. Having a dashboard camera means that these drivers can be identified, and the footage used to report them.

Not only could this help to reduce the instances of reckless driving on the roads, it may also help to save the lives of other drivers and passengers who could fall victim to undisciplined drivers.

Before the advent of dash cams it would be difficult to report dangerous driving due to the lack of evidence, but now the full footage of the drivers transgressions can be used as evidence.

Keep track of your vehicle’s use with a dash cam

Another benefit a dashboard camera can provide for parents is that they can check if their child has taken their car without permission. Dash cams work automatically so that every trip is recorded, meaning parents can double-check to see if the vehicle has been in use.

Likewise, owners of taxi companies can review their drivers’ trips if they suspect they have been over-charging customers, or making personal trips instead of being on call. Dash cams can also be used to monitor fleet car activity – especially if you suspect employees have been using business cars for personal reasons.

Also, if you leave your car at an airport car park or at any other valeting service then a dashboard camera can help you see exactly what happened to it. This can be invaluable evidence if you suspect the car has been used without your permission.

As a lot of dashboard cameras include GPS functionality, they can also record the speed at which the car has been driven as well as the different street routes it took.

Dashboard cameras can help prevent fraud

As well as helping to settle disputed insurance claims, dash cams can also help put a stop to insurance fraud.

Fraud is a huge problem for insurance companies, and law-abiding motorists end up having to pay for it through increased premiums.

A common form of motor fraud is drivers purposefully causing accidents so they can blame the other driver and get their insurance company to not only pay for the damage to the vehicle but also exaggerated injury (especially whiplash) and loss of earnings claims.

Some common forms of fraudulent crashes include cars slamming on the brakes for no reason, resulting in the innocent driver behind them hitting them in the rear – and a driver ‘pretending’ to let another pull out of a side road in front of them by waving them on, only to carry on driving straight into the side of the innocent driver.

These two examples are particularly difficult for the innocent driver to dispute, as the nature of the accidents typically points to them being at fault – despite the fact the accident has been completely engineered by the other driver.

With a dash cam though, you can prove the accident was a direct result of the actions of the other vehicle – who was behaving fraudulently in order to cause a collision.

A dash cam can record your entire road trip

If you are fond of taking road trips and like to hold onto memories, then a dash cam can be great purchase for you.

The footage you capture during your road trip can be watched whenever you want, and even edited to just keep the highlights.

Many dashboard cameras have lots of other useful features

Dash cams are not just great for recording your driving. Like all technology they have advanced over the years to include a lot of different and useful features.

For example, a lot of dash cameras include real-time audio notifications so you can stay up stay up to date with the ongoing recording process and notified if there’s any problems.

Most modern dash cams also now feature GPS capabilities to help you keep track of your speed and location – which can be synced up with the recording so you get all that extra data when watching the footage back. Furthermore, these cameras can also keep a log of your destination and route so you can always keep track of what happened and when and where it happened.

You will also find that most dashboard cameras have low battery usage features, so they have a lot of life in them – which is important for those that require batteries rather than using the car battery for power. As many dash cams work automatically, the low battery usage means that once they are in place you can just forget about them and let them do their thing.

Dash cams can act as an effective car security system

As well as boasting a host of benefits for when you are driving, dash cams can also be useful when your car is parked.

As most have motion detectors as standard, they will begin recording whenever your car is touched – meaning those annoying scratches you might get from cars passing your parked vehicle will be recorded, as well as any acts of vandalism.

Some dash cams can also be operated remotely from the privacy of your home, and you can sync all the data from them to your device of choice: laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone.

They will also activate if you car is stolen and driven away, which could provide vital evidence when the vehicle is recovered.

These dash cams are designed to provide you with the peace of mind you need at night, finding comfort in the knowledge that your vehicle is safe and sound outside where you left it.

You Might Be Amazed Of What A Dash Cam Can Capture!

Never underestimate the power of dash cams! If you look at the online videos of car accidents and unexpected phenomena, you will see that most of them have been accidentally caught on camera and very few of them have actually been recorded on purpose. In other words, a dash cam can help you capture the things that you least expect them to.

A dashboard camera can be a great investment for motorists of all types, and is a very cost-effective way to make sure you are protected while driving as well as securing your car when it is parked.

There is a wide variety of dashboard cameras to choose from, including low-end and incredibly cheap options and more high-end multi-featured cameras that come with high quality LCD displays, high resolutions, night-time vision and more.